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Example Videos

  • Large Scale 3D Mesh and City Model with SURE Software

    3D Meshes created using the SURE Software. The cities featured are: - Stuttgart, Germany - Bergamo, Italy - Dortmund, Germany

  • SURE Software new 3D Mesh 2017

    nFrames GmbH video production in collaboration with 3D Reality Maps.
  • nFrames - shortfacts Intergeo 2017

    Konrad Wenzel at INTERGEO 2017 in Berlin.

  • Munich DSM Mesh

    144 nadir images of a DMCII camera were processed to derive this textured mesh. 

  • Braunschweig DSM Mesh

    Here, large frame airborne images with vertical viewing direction were processed.

  • Switzerland 3D

    Here, airborne images were processed at 60cm resolution.

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3D Models on

  • Kathmandu, Durbar Square

    Durbar Square in Kathmandu, Nepal before the earthquake in Nepal on April 25 2015.

  • Relief - The Battle of Brienne

    A relief at the Jubilee Column at the Schlossplatz in Stuttgart - reconstructed from 5 Megapixel imagery using SURE Surface Reconstruction.

  • St Andrews Cathedral

    St. Andrews Cathedral in Scotland. Reconstructed from 43 images with 5 Megapixel resolution using SURE.

  • Nirgul Tablet

    Made with VisualSFM and SURE. Edited with Meshlab.

  • Nimrud - Video Reconstruction

    Made with VisualSFM and SURE. Edited with Meshlab.

  • Relief - Orvieto Cathedral

    Relief of Orvieto Cathedral captured with 24 images using a Nikon D7000. Derived automatically using the SURE software and an orientation from VisualSFM. Cropped and simplified with MeshLab.


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