Example Videos

  • A use case of SURE by the City of Munich, GeoFly, Catalysts

    3D Mesh, processed automatically from 46,920 images | 9cm GSD | City of Munich | Mesh engine of SURE 4

  • SURE Editor - new tools for DSM and True Ortho correction

    Improve your results with a new workflow that allows you to enhance the quality of DSMs, True Orthophotos or DSM Meshes. 


  • SURE Large Scale 3D Mesh Models from Aerial Imagery and LiDAR

    Oblique, Nadir and LiDAR datasets of San Francisco, Warsaw, Frankfurt, Hillerod, Betzdorf and Rotterdam as of 2019

  • Sure Software 3.0

    3D Meshes, True Orthophotos and Point Clouds with the SURE 3.0 Release in autumn 2018.

  • nFrames - shortfacts Intergeo 2018

    Konrad Wenzel at INTERGEO 2018 in Frankfurt.

  • SURE Software 3D Modelling to Large Scale Meshes

    nFrames GmbH video production in collaboration with 3D Reality Maps as of 2017
  • Large Scale 3D Mesh and City Model with SURE Software

    3D Meshes created using the SURE Software. The cities featured are: - Stuttgart, Germany - Bergamo, Italy - Dortmund, Germany as of 2017.

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