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Dense city capturing

Rapid response information acquisition

Directly use your Point Clouds to generate 3D Meshes and True Orthophotos

LiDAR data from drones, helicopters or manned aircraft provide immediate elevation data. By being able to use the raw sensor orientation data, SURE LiDAR becomes the optimal choice for fast response applications. Turn unlimited volumes of Point Clouds efficiently to 3D Meshes and True Orthophotos. With advanced Point Cloud filtering and surface extraction algorithms from Computer Vision, clean and topologically correct surface representations are extracted from large data volumes. An edge aware image projection enables crisp texture while taking into account occlusions and blending transitions in order to derive mapping grade products. 

Data fusion for multi-sensor systems

Fill areas with low textures, shadows, occlusions e.g. in urban street canyons. Benefit from complementary data capturing techniques for higher quality products and combine sharp edge resolution of image matching with vertical precision of LiDAR.

LiDAR only geometry

Produce Meshes or True Orthos directly from LiDAR Point Clouds with high speed.

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