Integrate the SURE Engine into your advanced workflow

Complement your software or cloud solution with the powerful SURE engine – available as Software Development Kit with C++ API or scripting interfaces.

The Reason Why - Integration Benefit

  • Complementation of an existing workflow
    by Mesh, Point Cloud and TrueOrtho generation from imagery + LiDAR
  • Fast Go-To-Market and Low Risk
    lean standard processes for integration 
  • Full automation
    put an invisible engine in place without the need of parameters
  • Stay always cutting edge
    benefit from constant technology evolution through a high profile, diverse skilled and experienced R&D team
  • Applications particularly addressing
    • High Precision requirements
    • Large Scale such as ten thousands of images  & billions of points

Thus perfectly suited for Surveying and Mapping grade applications

Getting Started

You are interested in integrating SURE into your solution? We are happy to getting in contact with you to discuss potentials and possibilities. 

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