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Empowering Photogrammetry with SURE Software

nFrames develops software for 3D reconstruction from images with unique performance and flexibility. Multiple interfaces and modular in design to meet your professional requirements for quality production. SURE Software is built to be as simple as you want and as advanced as you need.

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Aicke Damrau - GeoFly GmbH

As budget for processing gets tight, SURE helps us with great automation to meet the need for less interactive work.

Stephanie Haas - District Government Cologne

We benchmarked SURE among other software and decided for using it in our true ortho production as it produced the best quality in adequate time frames for our needs.

Jaroslav Roman - Primis spol. s r.o.

Frankly I have to say that your customer support outdid any other supports I have met until now! Absolutely willing to help with maximum effort to solve any trouble, seamless substitutable. I’m absolutely satisfied with your support team, really.

Klaus Legat - AVT-ZT GmbH

We have been using SURE for more than 4 years and are very happy, we are working in a challenging field and SURE always has the right answers

Use cases


Change detection
Building outline extraction from True Ortho


  • Sharp DSM and True Ortho
  • Full automated and customizable
  • Scalability to countrywide production
  • Proven workflow in multi-year productions
  • Compatibility with 3rd party software through las, laz, tif
  • Custom workflows - e.g. DSM editing or adding LiDAR data


Biomass estimation
Tree cadaster


  • Complete canopies and steep forest edges
  • Full 16 Bit and 4 channel support
  • Availability of raw point clouds for custom fitlering 
  • Ability to run minimal overlap configurations
  • Scalability to countrywide production
  • Compatibility with 3rd party software through las, laz, tif
  • Custom workflows - e.g. DSM editing or adding LiDAR data

Natural Hazards

Flood analysis
Glacier melting


  • Robustness in weak radiometric situations (e.g. snow)
  • Full 16 Bit and 4 channel support
  • Automated and custom workflows for immediate production
  • Scalability to countrywide production
  • Compatibility with 3rd party software through las, laz, tif
  • Custom workflows - e.g. DSM editing or adding LiDAR data

City Modelling

3D City Mesh
True Orthos for city planning


  • Sharp edges in DSM and True Ortho
  • Textured Meshes from Nadir images only
  • Textured Meshes from Oblique images
  • Fast visualisation with Level-of-Detail streaming formats
  • Efficient mesh editing using LOD streaming
  • Standard and advanced mesh formats (e.g. obj, Cesium, osgb)
  • Custom workflows - e.g. DSM editing or adding LiDAR data

How SURE works

3 simple steps to generate quality products from your workflow.The nFrames SURE Software is modular and accepts many different image and orientation files allowing you to customize your workflow for your unique requirements. Simply import your image and orientation then choose the required output formats. Then you are ready to process with your SURE Software edition.  

  • Import Files



  • Process with SURE Software

  • Enjoy Chosen Output Formats

    Dense Point Clouds
    Textured Triangle Meshes
    True Orthophoto & Digital Surface Models

* Orientation files need to be provided. They can be generated with 3rd party applications like Pix4D, VisualSFM, Bundler, etc.

Learn more about our products:

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Key Values


    Accurate and sharp

    Precise surfaces featuring sharp edges and fine details at low noise levels. Precision and reliability measures enable quality control.


    Get your results faster

    Optimized algorithms enable fast data processing on a common desktop computer with about 1 Megapixel per second.


    As easy as you need

    No parameterization required and deep configuration possible. First results within minutes and full control for experts.


    No limits in data size

    Scalable solution supporting production of projects comprising thousands of images at any resolution on common hardware.


    Fits into your value chain

    Stand alone executables as well as intuitive library APIs designed for simple integration into custom workflows.


    Access the level you need

    Complete workflow solutions can be configured individually, enabling the flexibility to select particular functionalities.

SURE Knowledge Base

Welcome to the SURE Knowledge Base.

Here you will find tutorials, explanations, and guidance to get the best results out of the SURE Software for your application.

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